Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I/we fundraise for the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre

We have a huge amount of fun and some challenging fundraising ideas for you to choose from.  Check our our fundraising ideas’ page.

However if you have an idea, contact the charity and register your idea.  You will receive support and guidance from the Director of Fundraising.   Phone 0419805100 or email

What happens to the money I raise?

All funds raised go directly towards the day to day running cost of the centre.  The charity is not in receipt of ongoing Government funding and depends on the support and generosity of the public and business sector to maintain our services.

Use of Charity Logo

You must contact the centre if you intend to use the Charity logo for publicity or in any other manner.  Contact the Director of Fundraising, phone 041 9805100 or email

Useful material to support your Fundraiser.

Once your fundraiser has been approved and registered,  the charity will supply brochures, background information, centre flyers, banners (where appropriate) and charity tee shirts (if available) As the charity tee shirts and limited in number it may not always be able to meet the demand for a large quantity.

Use of Social Media

In so far as is appropriate and practicable the charity will promote your fundraiser on all available social media, monthly flyer, center notice boards and website.

Charity Representation at your Event

You can request the presence of a speaker at your event and, in so far as is reasonable and practicable the charity will strive to ensure a representative is present.  Prior notice of event dates and times must be extended to the charity in order to facilitate a request.

How do I pay in the funds raised?

There are many ways in which funds can be given to the chairty after an event.     1) Funds can be lodged directly in the charity bank account.   Details are on our Donation Page.    2) A cheque presentation can be made.  The charity has its own large presentation cheque for such occasions.    3) Online site i.e. Paypal.     4) You can call to the centre and hand in the funds directly.      Please note:  all funds raised and donated are receipted and a thank you letter provided.

Do not hesitate to contact the centre on 041 9805100 if you have any additional questions or concerns.



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