Prostate Cancer Education

Prostate Cancer Psychosocial Education Programme
This is a 6 week education programme for men living with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. The aim of the programme is to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing by developing healthy coping strategies and encouraging lifestyle change that will improve one’s quality of life. Topics discussed include;

  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Psychological and emotional health, and stress management
  • Informational and practical everyday needs
  • Social needs related to involvement in relationships
  • Sexual functioning, sexual health issues and concerns
  • Spiritual needs related to hope, belonging, meaning and purpose in life.

If you would like to meet with other men facing similar experiences and concerns and wish to enhance your understanding of prostate cancer, its treatment, and consequences of treatment then please contact the centre.

To find out more about these programme, please contact the centre.

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