Cancer Support Groups

Men’s Cancer Networking Group

The mens cancer support group is held on the third Wednesday of the month and is open to men of all ages with all types of cancer.This is an opportunity for men to come together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to share their questions, concerns and experiences of living with cancer over a cup of tea. The group is open to men of all ages with all types of cancer.

 Secondary Cancer Networking Group

 A diagnosis of secondary cancer can mean adjusting to difficult changes in your life. If you are newly diagnosed or living with secondary cancer for some time and would like to meet and talk with others in a friendly relaxed environment then please come along to our monthly meeting. This group meet on the third Tuesday of every month.


Multiple Myeloma Networking Group

The multiple myeloma patient group meet on the first Wednesday of the month.If you would like to meet and talk with others living with a similar diagnosis, please consider joining this group.


Women’s Cancer Networking Group 

The group meet on the second Friday of each month and is open to women of all ages with gynaecological cancers (ovarian, cervical, endometrial).If you would like to meet other women with a similar diagnosis to give or receive support, please come along to this group.


For further information, contact the centre at Ph: 041 98 05 100 or visit our Website/Facebook Page/Newsletter for meeting times.



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