Are the corner stone of the charity, we cannot continue with our work without the support of the volunteer. There are many ways in which you can become a volunteer:

VHI Women’s Mini Marathon:  Volunteers are needed to help with the smooth running of the day.  You can assist on the morning of the event by helping with tea making on the morning.   All our ladies gather in the centre before departing by bus to Dublin.   We offer drinks, tea and coffee, take huge number of photographs and then we’re off. The centre has to be restored to normal for the next days services, dishwasher loaded and unloaded, and rooms checked.   Do you have a couple of hours on the day and would like to get involved?  contact Ann on 041 9805100 or 0863870277

Marshall’s –  Land of Legends 8k Challenge is an adventure race which takes place in Clogherhead Village, Co. Louth, each year. Marshaling the course is paramount to the success and safety of the day.  Duties include – observing, directing and encouragement of the participants of the race.  Ensuring the route is clear of the public and directing each one to the next stage or water station.  You will be invited to a familiarising meeting and appraised of the days involvement.   We would ask 4 hours of your time on the day.   Contact Ann on 041 9805100 or 0863870277.

Christmas cards –  We run a Christmas card campaign each year and need the support of many volunteers throughout the campaign.   This runs from the beginning of November right through to mid December.  Our stands require 2 people for 2 hours once a week.   It is a great way of meeting people, making new friends and supporting your charity.   Cognact Ann on 041 9805100 or o863870277

Practical Help: Volunteering to help with the upkeep of the centre gardens (no grass cutting needed) ensuring they are litter free, upkeep of the grounds and car-park.   Assist with the setting up of rooms i.e. moving of chairs, fold-up tables, mats etc.    If you have one afternoon per week and would like to find out more.   Contact Ann on 041 9805100 or 0863870277

Cleaning :  The centre has many beautiful rooms and carpeted hallways/stairs which must be maintained and regularly vacuumed.  Tables polished, hand basins and tiled corridors, which also must be maintained.  Do you have a couple of hours once a week and would like to get involved?  Contact Ann on 041 9805100 or 0863870277



You can offer your help and skills in so many ways and we would love to hear from you.   We may not be in a position to avail of your offer immediately but will carry your name and contact details until a suitable time or event arises.

Do no hesitate to call and have a chat with us.   Phone 041 9805100





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