Fundraising Tips

Make your event safe, legal and successful

Ensure you notify the charity in advance of your intent to fundraise.


Ensure you have the required permits, permission and, planning in place before embarking on your fundraising project/event.

Public raffles/lotteries must have a  licence.  Apply to the District Court for the area in which the lottery will be held.

Street collection must have a Garda Permit and written permission from the charity.

Small Private Lotteries/raffles confined to employees of workplace or club, using cloakroom style tickets do no require a licence/permit.

Raffle tickets sold at a concert, show, jumble sale do not need a licence.

It is illegal for children under 14 years to take part in cash collections (Street & House to House Collections Act 1962)

Race or obstacle challenges must have required First Aid Personnel, Marshals and course design in place. Details must be submitted to charity.

Letter of identification will be issued to those collection on behalf of the charity.

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