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Cancer : Thriving and Surviving Programme – Steps to healthier living

The Cancer: Thriving and Surviving Self-Management Programme is an evidence-based programme developed by Stanford University School of Medicine, designed for people who are recovering from cancer treatment. The programme runs for 2 ½ hours once a week for six consecutive weeks and gives participants the skills to coordinate all the things needed to manage their health, as well as to help them keep active in their lives and relationships.

Participants learn new knowledge, acquire skills in using strategies and techniques, and gain higher confidence and motivation to manage their health after treatment ends. Topics covered include;

  • Techniques to deal with problems such as fatigue, frustration, pain, isolation and poor sleep and living with uncertainty
  • Exercise for regaining and maintaining flexibility and endurance
  • Making decisions about treatment and complementary therapies
  • Communicating effectively with family and health professionals
  • Nutrition and healthy living

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