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Hair Care Service

Professional hair care services are available to people who are undergoing cancer treatment. If you would like to meet with a hair care consultant to discuss your concerns about hair loss, or would like to find out about alternatives such as wearing a wig, tying a head-scarf, or wearing a bandana, please contact the centre for further information. Our hair care consultants are specially trained and have many years of experience working with people with a cancer diagnosis.

The hair care services are available as follows:

Tresses is in on Monday 9am- 1pm (except bank holidays).
Tel: 048 3026 7925   Email:

Ischia is in on Wednesdays 9am-1pm.
Tel: 046 909 1791

To arrange an appointment please contact the provider listed above. For more information please call the Centre on Tel: 041 9805100

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